Willemieke Kars (1989) is a Dutch portrait photographer and lives between Amsterdam & Cape Town. 

With a heavy (and highly impractical) medium format camera, she travels between the world and Amsterdam documenting stories. Manoeuvring between digital possibilities and the hunger for craftsmanship. She often takes on long term projects on for years quietly and usually independently. The raw, unpolished and colourful nature of the portraits characterize her work. The topics are always woman related but always open to different perspectives. It allows her to re-evaluate prospects and refine a more nuanced worldview.  A worldview that honours all greys and colors of life. In her work she reverses roles, plays with visual culture and explores how we look at others, but even more so at ourselves. 

In Addition to her personal work, Willemieke also works on commission. She works with various advertising & publishing agencies, social institutions, publishers and newspapers. Currently there is work on show @Hermitage Amsterdam from the series 'Women of New-West'. 

Feel free to e-mail for collaborations. <3 

Selected clients 
Amsterdam Museum, Adidas, AVA, Converse, De Correspondent, Cloud Factory, Colab, Das Mag, Dove, Gemeente Amsterdam, Het Humanistisch Verbond, Hermitage Amsterdam, KesselsKramer, Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam, Melkweg Amsterdam, Het Parool, Trouw, Teym, Utrecht University, New West Metropolis, Nike, Stem op een vrouw, Uitgeverij Pluim, Women Inc. 

+31 6 218 019 46 

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