How do we want to be remembered in the last stages of our lives? And to what extent do we try to control this remembrance?

Just my old rags. Nothing more, nothing less.  -Anna

I’m still not sure whether I want to go for elegance of just my regular outfit. This is what I usually wear and that’s perfectly fine but the suit might be more appropriate. I have to think about my loved ones. It has to look smart.  -Riep

The blue jacket was very expensive. Normally I don’t spend that much money on clothes. I went back to the store three times to try it on before I bought it. Finally my daughter convinced me. It felt odd to buy something this expensive when I won’t be able to enjoy it for long but I’ve not regretted it one moment. It’s a beautiful jacket. At First I wanted to give it to my daughter but we decided I’m going to wear it myself.  -Ria

I bought this suit for my son’s wedding. It was a beautiful day that I remember with pleasure that I love to look back on. The suit is still brand new, I only wore it once. Everyone said it looked good on me. I’d love to wear it again.  -Nel

All my life I have worn a three-piece suit. The big companies that I used to work for expected me to because it looked professional. 10 years ago I started wearing casual clothes. The three-piece chapter of my life is closed. I really like the clothes from the brand McGregor. I have a lot of pants, sweaters and shirts in my closet . They are very comfortable and they look good.  -Jan

Pink and lilac are my favorite colors. They are bright colors, which suit me. I think of life as a party and it should be celebrated with a bite and a drink. It should be a pleasant day. I want to look happy.  -


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