For the work 'Looking at the other' I used photography to be able to look at people and long for them to look back at me. I got myself photographed by hundreds of people in the New York subway. By asking them to take a picture of me: i forced my fellow traveler to look at me in the hope that this would give me the right to exist. The title of the photo is the description of my fellow traveler who took my portrait.
Check New Dawn for the interview.

Black guy with cap and white iphone

Black guy with cap and white iphone

White girl with a tattoo of a bird on her arm 

White handsome boy with Clark shoes

Asian girl with backpack 

Young white musician with drum sticks

White girl with a ponytail 

Asian girl with black raincoat

White woman with headphones

Two brothers in red tracksuit and matching sneakers

White guy with short brown pants

Black guy with a tattoo of a tear in his face

White guy with blue cap 

Dark girl with beautiful smile 

White girl with dots on her sweater

Black woman with pink jacket and purple pants

White man with oversized coat

White man with oversized coat

White girl without eyebrows and reddish hair

Sad young girl with blond hair

Asian boy with sunglasses

Old white man with hiking boots

Italian guy with good looking shoes

Big dark man with fancy hat 

White woman with beautiful green coat from good quality 

Dark guy with sweatsuit

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