‘Love is blind and we cannot see’ is inspired by my grandmother’s story. She was 45 years old when she fell in love with a boy, who was 20 at the time. It turned into a relationship that lasted all the way until her recent passing. For ‘Love is blind and we cannot see’ i portray straight couples with a large age gap between them - the woman in my project is always older than the man. With this project I aim to question people’s perspective on relationships and conventions of love. The portraits force the viewer to pay attention to small details: how can you tell people love one another, how do their differences affect their interactions?

For 'Love is blind and we cannot see' i'm working on a self publishing book in collaboration with Chantal Hendriksen. The publication contains also a preface by Corine Koole.
Press: Het Parool & Hollandse Zaken

Bianca x Jouri 

Manon x Edwin

Amy x Marc

Sandra x Wensley

Annemarie x Dominique

Thamar x Roderick

Lia x Aldert

Rosa x Rudolf 

Willy x Paul 

Ingrid x Sebastiaan 

Jenneke x Mathieu

Nathalie x Tjeerd

PS/Het Parool - 01-04-2017

Het Parool/PS 01-04-2017

Het Parool/PS 01-04-2017

Het Parool/PS 01-04-2017

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